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Jamee Warrenfeltz, Sandwich Shoppe Coordinator, Junior High Economics Teacher | jwarrenfeltz@nnms.org (left)
Jamee holds a MA in English Education and has taught in a variety of settings over the past 9 years.  Prior to co-establishing the Near North Montessori Farm to Table Program in Chicago, Jamee co-piloted an Autism Program and Teacher Training Site in Mililani, Hawaii.  She was fortunate to have been raised by two innovative and compassionate entrepreneurial parents who have established care and concern for others through their own business practices in the music, health, and food industries.

Joe Phillips, Urban Farm Coordinator | jphillips@nnms.org (right)
Joe holds a Masters of Education and has been teaching students to grow food for the past seven years. Prior to co-establishing the Near North Montessori Farm to Table Program, Joe co-piloted Chicago Public School’s first food safety manual, enabling schools to serve food from their own gardens.

Matt Jenkins, Farm to Table Assistant | mjenkins@nnms.org (center)
In addition to working with NM students in elementary classrooms and the Farm to Table program, Matt brings experience as a culinary instructor for elementary students through Common Threads, an organization fostering personal empowerment through healthy food practices.